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Very soon, smartphone will be passport @ paperless passport

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No need to check again & again whether you are carrying a passport or not. No need to hurry if you forget it somewhere. No need to hurry if you lost it. Very soon the things related to passport will

M-wallet app to help the motorists of Telangana

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Finally the time has come where there is no need to take all our vehicle related certificates like Driving License, RC and few other with us, no need to request traffic police that we forget vehicle-related certificates at home since

Health tips to face the hot summer

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It is just a trailer. In front we have to face a lot of heat, I am not talking about any movie. I am talking about the sun & its heat. In the very early stage, the sun is killing

How to win cricket betting & gain more profits

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Yesterday is truly an embarrassing & disgusting day. We have many expectations on our team. But T20 World Cup 2016 has started in a dramatic way and to be frank this what the T20 way. No one can predict who

Lost your phone! Locate or find it with Google search! Here is how

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Smartphones are the wheels of today’s world and without them, it is just impossible to make a day and to do our work. Have you ever lost your smartphone? Have you ever forget where you kept your phone? Has someone

All you have to know about Holi, The festival of colors

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Are you ready? Are you ready to celebrate the festival of colors? Of course, no need to task this question because we are always to celebrate festivals. We wait eagerly to celebrate the festival Holi. It is also known as

Oscar winners 2016

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Oscar the most prestigious award in the film world. To win the Oscars award is the dream for all the actors in the world. The presentation ceremony of Oscars 2016 was celebrated majestically at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The

New feature on Facebook to prevent suicide

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The state of mind can be known from one’s words and actions. Whether a person is happy or sad. Whether a person is in depression or not can be known from his/her words. Based on these basic points Facebook is

Products & services which have gone Costly & Cheaper with Budget 2016

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Yesterday the union Arun Jaitley announced the budget for the financial year 2016. Politicians & economic analytics has their own opinion. Ruling politicians said that the budget was a pro-poor budget which helps the poor and farmers. But the opposition

Sit in back seats of APSRTC and get 20% discount

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Sit in back seats in APSRTC buses and get 20% discount. It is a new policy by APSRTC to improve the occupation ratio. Till now the fare of reservation tickets in APSRTC buses is same for everywhere in the bus