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Raashi Palalu


Good income for the people belonging to this sign, this year. But expenditure will be more due to the ashtamasanidosha. Few obstacles and unfavourable situation may get created. Expected growth will be obtained gradually. The marital trials will be successful for the unmarried. Expected benefits in the job life will be fulfilled with few hurdles.


Finance related ideas will be profitable. You may get deceived by the most trusted ones. You may get expected good results in the dates of 14, 15 and 16 th of this month. Marriage trials will become fruitful. Few tasks will be accomplished with courage.


Average income in this month. Water related loss or problem may arise. Abroad chances or income related to foreign countries may be acquired. Favourable period from 15 th to 19 th of this month. New ideas will get implemented and will be successful.


Good changes at home. Own house desire will be fulfilled. Financial problems will be settled in this month. Good period in the first ten days of this month.


Disturbances with the siblings in this month. Enemity with close friends in the second week of this month.Favourable time in the later half of this month, with good income.Expected good results in the new business dealings.Happiness at the end of this month.


The childless will be blessed with a baby in this month. Good financial returns in this month. Favourable dates in this month are 6,7,8,9,10,12,16,18,19 and 23. Health problems will be cured. Family get together will occur and happiness due to children in this month.


GFew disputes may arise in this month. Average income. New ideas will be implemented with great difficulty. 9 th , 11 th ,15 th and 17 dates are favourable in this month. Differences with relatives and friends may occur. Obstacles at job and business dealings.


GMore mental stress in this month. More expenditure.Disputes with siblings. 3,5,9,15 and 31 are the favourable dates in this month. It is better to perform abhishekams for lord Shiva. Job trials may be successful with great difficulty.


you may meet with a vehicle accident in this month. Rivalries may arise. Problems in matrimonial life. You may get involved in few arguments, unpleasant atmosphere, average income. You may struggle alone in your life.


Matrimonial trials will be successful. Victorious against enemies.Expected financial returns at business. At the middle of this month, you may meet with vehicle accident or may get enemity with others. More expenditure due to the opponents. You may feel desperate at the expected tasks. It is better to perform Navagrahasanthipoojas.

Monthly Horoscope

Pisces: There is general movement towards better working conditions or more suitable work, dear Pisces, and in March, you’ll see some improvements, with more to come later. This month and next, you’re working on your financial situation. There’s more ambition now, but less focus on your larger professional ambitions and more emphasis on talents, resources, and daily routines – the muscle behind the career. Look for ways to update and improve through new methods and technologies.