ICC new idea to check betting players


The ICC has made a whole new idea to bring more transparency in cricket. The inter-pole network is going to be a worldwide network. The ICC General Manager Alex Marshall visited the Inter Pole headquarters in France. This was later revealed.
“ICC and Inter Pole are preparing to fight corruption. We already have good relations with legal systems in many countries. But connecting with the inter-pole can connect a network of 194 countries. As a result, you can learn more about corrupt people.
– Alex Marshall, ICC Corruption Division
Acknowledging the players, he said that the aim of the game is to eradicate corruption and impropriety. If anyone has done wrong, it will be possible to conduct a deep investigation into the issue with the inter-pole of their respective countries.
‘Good relationships are increased by games. But some have been hampered by commitment to play with greed. That’s why we have been with ICC. This is a very good decision.
– Grecia, assistant director of the Interpol