Mehreen Entered into Controversy


Mehreen Pirzada is buried in a discussion. A maker named Kushi has griped to her about Producers’ Council.

A couple of months back, the ‘Kavacham’ performing artist was agreed to accept a film besides to Sudheer Babu. At the point when Sudheer gave it up, the task went to Mega actor Kalyaan Dhev then the director of the of the movie “Puli Vasu” now felt that Mehreen wouldn’t be ideal besides Kalyaan. Along these lines, he requested that the maker supplant her.

After Mehreen was informed that she won’t do the film, the on-screen character declined to restore the development charge paid to her. As revealed by an English-dialect day by day, the performing artist isn’t willing to do that since she needed to miss two movies as a result of the dates dispensed for the Sudheer Babu film. The ball is presently in Producers’ Council’s court.

Mehreen anticipates the arrival of ‘F2’ amid Sankranthi. She is matched up with Varun Tej in the Anil Ravipudi satire.