Mohan babu into jail soon??


The court of Errum Manzil in Hyderabad on Tuesday sentenced the former Tollywood actor Mohan Babu to one year repeat offenders. The court said that all punishments would be rejected at the same time.

This case was submitted in 2009 by director YVS Chowdhary. Mohan Babu gave a check to director Chowdhary as part of the compensation for the movie “Saleem” with Manchu Vishnu, the son of Mohan Babu, but this check was not honored.

YVS asked Mohan Babu several times to release the money, but it was possible. YVS has therefore taken legal action.

On April 2, the court found the actor Mohan Babu guilty.

Mohan Babu, the plaintiff to pay 43 lakhs. Otherwise, he has to detain for another three months.

He was, however, released on bail within a short time